Coronavirus Update – May 11, 2020

DISCLAIMER:  Information regarding COVID-19 is dynamic and constantly evolving.  The information provided here is a brief guidance for employers and employees to undertake in order to protect themselves in the workplace. There is no warranty implied or expressed regarding the completeness or accuracy of information presented here.  The information provided here is not complete and/or exhaustive.

The guidance from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and Cal OSHA published May 7, 2020 ( ) indicated that employers should have a worksite-specific COVID-19 Prevention Plan. The documents that have already been published and used by County of Los Angeles Public Health and Ventura County appear to specifically meet CDPH/Cal OSHA specifications. Thus far, Santa Barbara County and Riverside County do not appear to have similar documents. In the absence of specific guidance from other Counties, the Los Angeles County document appears to be a good model to use.



The CDPH/Cal OSHA guidance document also states that the Covid-19 Prevention Plan should include employee training. To that end, I have added an attendance roster to the OSHA “10 Steps” poster which can be used to satisfy the training element.


CDC general information:

Stop the spread of germs poster:

CDC Factsheet:

CDC Handwashing guidelines:

List of EPA Discenfectants-

CDC cleaning-disinfection guidelines

CDC Glove removal poster:

OSHA Laws for respirator Appendix D:

How to Properly Put on and Take Off Disposable Respirator Poster (CDC, Niosh):

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